Stephen Sachnik’s first introduction to fabric was, at age 5, sitting on his grandmother’s lap watching her sew. Years later when a friend challenged him to make a French cuff dress shirt he accepted the challenge. Self-taught, he succeeded, but only after ruining many yards of fabric. He discovered a love of fabric and needle that continues today. That love for all things textile and tactile can be seen today at The Quilted Skein, 126 Colorado, La Grange, TX; just a short drive away from Austin and Houston Texas.


His vision of creating a “Grand Central” for quilters and knitters came true when he opened The Quilted Skein. A hotbed of creative inspiration, The Quilted Skein regularly hosts top designers and instructors from the quilting and knitting worlds, along with the artists featured at the Texas Quilt Museum next door.


Stephen invites you to visit him inside the 150-year-old walls of The Quilted Skein, the home of creative inspiration and everything you need to make your world a more beautiful place.